202 Rue Paul Lahary, 40 150 Hossegor, France
+33 (0)5 58 47 99 65
Mon-Sun: 10am-8:30pm

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Tortuga (Roch Tastet) is a young artist who grew up by the Landes’ pines forest and Hossegor’s lake. An extreme dreamer and deeply attached to his roots, Tastet turned to art after arriving in Bordeaux where he was introduced to the infinite productivity and insolent audacity of the punk scene. Merging his love for the region and his fascination for the Surf/Punk scene of the 80s, Tastet's style DNA began in to forge.

Full of energy, open-minded and passion, Tastet is constantly juggling several projects at the same time: illustration, video, 2D animation, not to mention music one of the several punk/rock bands between Bayonne and Bordeaux he fronts.

Visit: tortuga666.etsy.com

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Boul Rostan / Good for Nothing / Jack of all Artist

French & Vietnamese, Rostan left Vietnam in 1975 to escape the war. Born in 1970 in Banméthuôt, he's spent 45 years wandering around and experimenting as an autodidact, in various trades and artistic universes.

The youngest of a large family, he has 11 siblings, his choices and work mirror his personal history. He says: "I ended up opening a Vietnamese restaurant because it's a natural step for any Asian over here in Europe."

At the same time, he never stopped creating visual art, music, fashion and performing. As an artist with many sides, he was involved in various music bands: Picture, Hanoi par Hanoi, Peau de bête, and Trikini. He also created the Collapse Skateboard brand in 2012 and enjoys choosing the epidermis as a perfect medium for expression.

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