Why We're Staying Home

Ryan Immegart on chairlift with his familyDear friends and family,

We come to you at a time when all of our world’s have been turned upside down… It can be hard to not feel helpless, angry or even depressed as almost everything we take for granted on a daily basis has been upended by this global pandemic.

We all have our own ways of dealing with the impacts of the virus, for me personally I have my good days and bad days just like anyone. Simply reaching out to friends and family and offering my support, sharing a laugh while taking a trip down memory lane, as well as encouraging them to stay positive has been therapeutic. But more importantly what I’ve found that really keeps me motivated is when we share with each other what it is that we’re going to do when we come out of this mess.

Like taking my kids to see their grandma in Big Bear and going snowboarding together this winter, traveling and working abroad alongside the Volcom Europe family like I did this past summer… and of course one of my biggest passion pursuits, performing loud punk rock music in small dingy dive bars with one of my best friends Don Horne, my son and my daughter’s boyfriend, in our band called theLINE.

group shot in front of Tropical Rush in Hawaii
Ryan with the design team
Snowboarding in Baldface
Ryan performing with his band theLINE

Now I realize that wading in a public conversation about the genuine necessity to practice social distancing maybe perceived as polarizing. Myself and my friends and family at Volcom can’t stand by and not use our collective voice of the brand to persuade those who have yet to heed the call of scientists, researchers and plain old common sense to Stay Home. Far be it for a brand like us, born under the banner of ‘Youth Against Establishment’ to tell anyone how to live, the call to voluntarily Stay Home is exactly what will keep the Establishment from further encroaching on our lives.

So it is with great urgency that we beg you all, our global brothers and sisters to take this time out to preserve the future of all our passions and the freedom to pursue them and simply, ‘Stay Home For This’.

Please join us in encouraging your fellow humans to stay home by choosing a photo of what you’re in jeopardy of losing if we don’t slow & defeat the spread of this virus. Post it to social media using the ‘Stay Home’ & ‘For This’ stickers and the hashtag #stayhomeforthis because this is one societal pressure that someone should actually succumb to.

Ryan Immegart
Father of Five, Chief Marketing Officer & first ever Volcom Snowboard Team Rider (1991)

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