The Backyard - Pipeline, North Shore, Oahu

Volcom Presents:
The Backyard

Starring: Balaram Stack, Coco Ho, Dave Wassel, Derek Ho, Dusty Payne, Gavin Beschen, Grant Taylor, Guy Sato, Jesse Johnson, Joan Duru, Jonathan Mincher, Kaimana Henry, Kalani Chapman, Mitch Coleborn, Mauro Diaz, Noa Deane, Shun Murakami, Takayuki Wakita, Tom Dosland, Yago Dora

At Pipeline there is flora, fauna, ocean and stone. Volcom Stone. At this point, the Volcom house is practically part of the reef at Pipeline. Between the team, the house, the family, the legacy, the legends, the peanut gallery, the respect, the parties, the Pipe Pro and the barbecues, you’d be hard pressed not to acknowledge the presence the Volcom Stone has on the North Shore, particularly at Pipe. I mean, one of the houses was built by the one and only Gerry Lopez!

And as we learn in this new film from another year posted at ground zero: Volcom is Hawaii and it’s only getting stonier as the year pass us by.

When the light comes over the mountains, Pipeline wakes up

I mean, you could probably get in a pretty legit barroom debate and assert that Balaram Stack is one of the world’s best tube rider and pushback would be minimal. Especially being from New York, know body is doing that! In that barroom debate though you might have to include honorable mentions of just about everyone who appears in this film – especially Noa Deane, Kaimana Henry or even Derek Ho, who clearly has what it takes to be the guy at Pipe.
Another winter in the books and another reason Volcom may soon replace black coral as the Hawaiian state Stone!

Pre skate ramp shenanigans

Yago, Noa and Mitch contemplating surf or happy hour?

Kaimana Henry sitting nicely at home

The Backdoor Volcom House, aka “The OG House”

Mikey Bruneau started off this season with a knee injury, and from the looks of this, he’s doing just fine

Two great humans talking about what’s for dinner maybe? Dave Wassel and Uncle Kimo!

We built a mini ramp in our backyard facing Pipeline and let Grant Taylor do his thing

The one and only Derek Ho!

Photos: Ryan “Chachi” Craig

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